GOP Headquarters
1500 N. Reed Rd.
Kokomo Event Center
P.O. Box 3
Kokomo, IN 46901


Ready to make your voice heard?

Welcome to the Howard County Republican Party website...

As a local party at the grassroots level, our goal is to be collaborative by making room for everyone at the table that would like to be involved. In order to be successful, we are remaining focused on our conservative values while working together to build better communities. But we cannot do that without you - Connect with us today!

Jennifer Jack, Chairwoman
Jordan Buckley, Vice-Chairman
Jessica Secrease, Secretary
Tanner Heady, Treasurer

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How Do I Get Connected?

1) Get to know your office holders.
Below you will find contact information for all Republican officeholders representing you in Howard County separated by Federal, State, County and City governments. 
2) Volunteer.
Volunteers are the true heroes of local politics as we are always better together. Connect with us on social media, email, or by coming to the events listed below.
3) Keep in the Loop.
Stay updated with current events and events affecting our local party. Be sure to follow the Facebook link above to stay up to date on current news and events.