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Cynthia Sanders

Cynthia Sanders

Kokomo Common Council Member - Howard County District 05



Cynthia Sanders is currently serving her third term as a Kokomo Common Council member, and is a dedicated public servant with a history of outstanding service to her community. In her work on the Common Council, Sanders takes special care to ensure that our local government is working for the benefit of every individual in Howard County. She believes that bottom-up, local governance is the way to ensure a prosperous and functional community and has taken a clear stand against federal overreach and one-size-fits-all solutions to issues facing our community. Sanders favors allowing the private sector to work for our community and provide the goods and services that it is best equipped to provide, while allowing local government to provide what the private sector cannot. She is currently working in a partnership with the city, county, and local churches to address the rising drug use in Howard county. As an elected official, Sanders wants to see more cooperation between opposing parties and candidates to provide the absolute best for their constituents, and believes that compassion is a key aspect of good governance. Sanders considers liberty, freedom, personal responsibility, and Christian ethics to be a vital part of her mission, and works to uphold those values in Howard County every day.